Dream Chronicles Trophies

Dream Chronicles Trophy List
Adventure puzzle game for the ps3. as Faye, your on a quest to save your husband.
We have 12 Trophies for this Game

Dream Chronicles Trophy List

Dream Chronicles Trophies
Below are all the Trophies we have for Dream Chronicles on the PS3. We will add Trophy guides soon.
Dream Chronicles Jewel Master ps3 trophy  Jewel Master
 Completed all Dream Jewels
Dream Chronicles Dexterous Dreamer ps3 trophy  Dexterous Dreamer
 Completed the game within 25 minutes
Dream Chronicles Dream Guide ps3 trophy  Dream Guide
 Completed the game within 30 minutes
Dream Chronicles Eagle Eye ps3 trophy  Eagle Eye
 Scored 1,200,000 points or better
Dream Chronicles I Spy ps3 trophy  I Spy
 Scored 800,000 points or better
Dream Chronicles Creature Catcher ps3 trophy  Creature Catcher
 Completed Chapter 2
Dream Chronicles End Of The Dream ps3 trophy  End Of The Dream
 Completed Dream Chronicles. (Single Player Game)
Dream Chronicles Faye And Fidget ps3 trophy  Faye And Fidget
 Completed the game in Co-op Mode
Dream Chronicles In To The Greenhouse ps3 trophy  In To The Greenhouse
 Completed Chapter 10
Dream Chronicles Jewel Apprentice ps3 trophy  Jewel Apprentice
 Completed 6 Dream Jewels
Dream Chronicles Through The Forest ps3 trophy  Through The Forest
 Completed Chapter 15
Dream Chronicles Trapped In The Tree House! ps3 trophy  Trapped In The Tree House!
 Completed Chapter 5

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